Candidates Should Kick CNN Off the Stage

It always amazes me that various groups announce they are holding presidential debates as if the format, location and time of debates is their decision, and not the candidates’.

I’m reminded of this today because CNN and Tea Party Express have announced they will sponsor a presidential debate in Florida in September 2012. CNN has already announced it will sponsor one in New Hampshire in June 2011.

I hope all the candidates boycott these ploys-for-ratings and arrange their own debates, if any. Media personalities interview candidates all the time. They could do us a favor and shut up for once. Besides, who says candidates have to be asked questions by often-vapid third parties in order to talk to one another? Only the third parties, that’s who, and the rest of us have just gotten so used to it, we don’t think to object anymore.

Well, I’m objecting. CNN, unless you are putting up a candidate, get off the stage. Any man or woman competent enough to be president is competent enough to debate without the guidance of a blow-dried anchor, and if he or she is not, we’re better off knowing about it anyway.

And this goes for the left-wing League of Women Voters and the hoity-toity presidential debate “commission,” too.

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