The Obamas’ Taste for Luxury

Malia Zimmerman of the Hawaii Reporter has detailed the likely cost of the Obamas’ current vacation.

The White House claims its overall vacation expenses are in line with those of Mr. Obama’s predecessors, but refuses to reveal actual details.

I’m skeptical. President Bush (43) spent a lot of time away from the White House, but much of that time was spent at Camp David or his Texas ranch, both of which are far less costly to make secure than private Hawaii beach homes, hotels in Spain, rented property in Martha’s Vineyard, etc.

Bush 43 at Camp DavidPresidents use Camp David for relaxation, but also for work. This is President Bush in April 2008 at Camp David with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak.

(Note: The Obamas like Camp David, too, but visit it less than other recent presidents.)

Reagan and Bush (41) also were away a lot, but spent a lot of that time at their private homes and at Camp David. Jimmy Carter took the fewest vacation days of all (79) recent presidents, with most of those spent in Georgia.

Did even Clinton spend as much?

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