Three Responses to the New York Union Scandal

Look for the union labelOn the heels of confessions by New York City unionized sanitation workers that they did in fact intentionally refuse to plow snow in accordance with their responsibilities, and knowing full well that ambulances and fire rescue personnel would be affected by their non-work, I have three recommendations for the prevention of future such tragedies for the city and, where applicable, the state of New York:

1) Fire everyone who participated in the slowdown, with the possible exception of some of those who ‘fessed up early and expressed sincere remorse.2) Prosecute the leaders and any workers whose refusal to fulfill their duties contributed directly or indirectly to death or serious injuries.

3) Learn your lesson: Refuse to recognize public employee unions now and forevermore.

And special bonus recommendation: Our federal government and every state and locality should learn from this and deauthorize all their workforce unions before more people needlessly die. How many need to die; how many states and localities need to go bankrupt before we learn our lesson?

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