Obama’s “Winter of Discontent” — Deneen Borelli’s New Column for the Daily Caller

Project 21 fellow Deneen Borelli has a new commentary featured on the web site of the Daily Caller.

In “Obama Energy Policies to Create a Winter of Discontent,” Borelli discusses how the Obama energy agenda is not likely to make things any easier for those already finding it difficult to keep their homes warm as temperatures fall.  It also points out how the White House is doing so against popular opinion.

Deneen writes:

As the thermometer dips lower and snow begins to pile up, the need for cheap and efficient power for heat and light is essential.  But the Obama administration’s war on fossil fuels is making it increasingly unlikely that the nation’s poorest citizens will be comfortable this winter.

Millions of Americans are unemployed, and countless others are suffering from the ailing national economy.  Obama administration policies limiting the availability and raising the price of energy derived from fossil fuels are stretching family budgets and the resources of charities past their limits.

From the moratorium on offshore oil exploration to restrictions on coal mining to a blind faith in alternative energy sources such as wind and solar, the Obama administration’s energy policies put a luxury price tag on a basic necessity…

No rational person wants a poisoned environment, but they don’t want to freeze either.  Neither does anyone want to be beholden to government assistance.  Yet this is exactly what the Obama energy plan is likely to do.

The complete text of Deneen’s commentary can be found here.

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