Remember the Greens: Crony Capitalists Not Only Ones to Blame for Unforceable Light Bulb Ban

LightBulbBanthebanWhiteHowie Carr of the Boston Herald has fun piece in today’s Boston Herald explaining the green fundamentalists’ thinking (feeling?) behind their support of the de facto light bulb ban.

The Greens, of course, have a different motivation for supporting the light bulb ban than do the Crony Capitalists (for the Crony Capitalists it’s money, as I explained here and here, and what is beginning to seem like every talk radio program in the nation) but as the Crony Capitalists got the ban through Congress by pretending to be one with the Greens, and the Greens (see here, among others, and here) and their handmaidens (see here) are providing rhetorical and political cover for the Crony Capitalists, it’s good for liberty-minded Americans to keep a wary eye on their noxious doings.

Howie Carr’s piece can be read here. If what Congress agreed to (and President Obama has now signed into law) is unknown to you, you can catch up on recent light bulb ban events here.

P.S. Left-wingers and Greens have gone nuts over the light bulb ban enforcement delay. More or less at random I’ll pull a quote from a lefty Green blog complaining of it, “Apparently, harm to industry and consumers only matter when they happen to coincide with ideology.” Gaia to lefty Green blog: Get a clue. Consumers have been hurt by a Democratic Congress and a Republican President limiting their choices, not by efforts to restore their freedom to choose, and industry lobbied AGAINST consumer interests in an effort to get more consumer dollars by government fiat and has a lot of gall whining about consumers fighting back. But such is the quality of reporting on many lefty Green blogs, where the proprietors often fool themselves first and thus even on their most honest days may have little truth to offer readers.

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