Tom Borelli on FNC Wednesday at 9 Eastern

Tom Borelli, director of the National Center for Public Policy Research‘s Free Enterprise Project, is scheduled to be a guest on Eric Bolling’s Follow the Money show on the Fox Business Channel tonight at 9 PM Eastern.

I believe he is scheduled to discuss the National Center’s just-released joint commercial with Freedom Works:

Jeffrey Immelt, like President Obama, believes in using government to enhance the wealth of well-connected businesses. This almost invariably results in public policies that harm rank-and-file Americans by raising government costs and reducing competitiveness, which leads to higher prices. It also reduces the incentive for meaningful (aka, productive and profitable) innovation.

Except for imposing those regulations that are absolutely necessary (far less than we now have), and its work to promote international free trade and a rational legal system for the fair resolution of disputes and the protection of property, the federal government’s approach to business should be to stay out of its way.

GE, and the rest of business, should compete on that basis, and no other.

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