Obama Energy Policy “Legislating Our Choices”

On the 1/27/11 edition of the Fox Business Network’s “Follow the Money,” Tom Borelli of the National Center’s Free Enterprise Project talks about President Obama’s energy priorities that were laid out in his State of the Union Address to Congress.  Tom points out the negative aspects of alleged “clean energy” as it relates to cost, job creation and imposing mandates on consumers that “legislat[e] our choices.”

Tom also brings up the influence of General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt on Obama policies and the possible unfair benefit to GE.  This is particularly questionable now that Immelt has been appointment to lead the “President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.”  Tom says: “Why do you have to compete when you have the government telling people what to do.  This is command and control.  It didn’t work in the Soviet Union.  It’s not gonna work here.”

Joining Tom in the discussion is host Eric Bolling and Columbia University professor Marc Lamont Hill, Bo Dietl of Bo Dietl Associates, Fox Radio host John Gibson and former Shell Oil president John Hofmeister.

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