Project 21’s Massie: Contrast Behavior of Tea Party Activists to Big Labor Radicals

Noting the tea party movement is accommodating to blacks by its very nature of promoting small government, lower taxes and the rule of law, Project 21 chairman Mychal Massie says that “it is their prerogative” as to whether or not blacks actually participate.

At the February 28 “empty chair debate” against civil rights establishment leaders Al Sharpton, Marc Morial and Walter Fauntroy at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., Mychal also notes that — before throwing more stones at the tea party for reported incivility — tea party critics should take a look at organized labor’s rallies in places such as Madison, Wisconsin and Columbus, Ohio and how protesters there are behaving in ways oftentimes worse than alleged about tea partiers.

Mychal also explains the broad and diverse nature of the tea party movement, saying that it is the “worst nightmare” of all politicians because “we understand that there is dirt on the hands of all” and that the movement seeks fundamental change that will favor a particular person or party.

The Daily Caller’s report on the event can be found here.  The CNSNews report can be found here.

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