Obama’s Exceedingly Warm Reception in Brazil…

The Washington Post reports the “welcome offered in Brazil for Obama has been warm. Hundreds waited for him outside the theater on Floriano Peixoto, a huge public square in downtown Rio.”

But Josh Gerstein of Politico reports, “Brazilians protesting the imminent visit of President Barack Obama struck the U.S. consulate in Rio de Janeiro with a Molotov cocktail Friday, prompting police to respond with rubber bullets, according to local news accounts.” The protests were reportedly prompted by the U.S.’s participation in the Libya no-fly zone.

Okay, give the Post its due. It was technically correct: Molotov cocktails are known to be quite warm and hundreds of people did wait for Obama’s arrival.

The spin many journalists are putting on the president’s Brazil vacation – um, I mean, business trip – suggests they aren’t ideologues, after all. They’re partisans.

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