ObamaCare’s Big Bucks

cdc-785109Today on The Hill’s “Congress Blog,” I expose how the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) is using billions of dollars from Obamacare to push extreme and unscientific health policies at the state and local level.

When then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Congress needed to pass the Obama healthcare bill to find out what is in it, she had a point.

Funds are being used to implement ideas — not approved by congress —including banning E-cigarette use, implementing soda taxes, and prohibiting fast food restaurants in poor neighborhoods.
Question: When is lobbying not lobbying?
Answer: When it is done under a CPPW grant.

I’d call it lobbying, but federal law prohibits such funds from being used for lobbying, so the CDC insists the funds are not being used for lobbying. Please read my piece and decide for yourself.

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