4/12 Outrage of the Day

ArrowDownThe mayor of the District of Columbia wins today’s Outrage of the Day award for publicly disrespecting the laws of his city and flouting his most basic responsibility as the chief of the executive branch of his city’s government: that of enforcing his city’s laws.

Mayor Vincent Gray intentionally broke the law as a publicity stunt Monday, upset that his cash-strapped city can’t spend tax dollars on abortions and needles for addicts, and also that poor children in the city will soon once again have an enhanced opportunity to attend private schools.

Gray is entitled to his own opinions, and even to urge lawmakers to agree with him, but as the chief law enforcement official of his city he has a special responsibility to act as if he believes the law is important.

After all, if the chief law enforcement officer doesn’t believe the law should be respected, why should anyone else? If Gray truly believes he must, as a matter of conscience, break the law, he should resign his job as top law enforcement official first.

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