Taking Away Choices Doesn’t Help Us Make “Better” Choices

cdc-785109In Boston, they’ve banned soda sales in municipal buildings. Chocolate milk is a no-no in some Washington, DC schools. And parents aren’t allowed to send their kids to school with lunches in some Chicago schools.

The Nanny-staters say they are trying to help us make better choices. Really?

As I wrote in National Review Online today,

In case after case, the administration, in conjunction with local agencies that receive federal-taxpayer dollars, is using the language of choice — but offering no such thing.

I’m afraid we’ll be seeing more of this around the country now that the Centers for Disease Control has decided to use a “prevention” fund as a slush fund to promote ineffective big-government policies.

The good news is that the House voted this week to de-fund the program. Whether the Senate follows suit is another story. Stay tuned.

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