5/3 Outrage of the Day


Why do celebrities who love luxurious living choose “protecting the environment” as their personal crusade?

Prince Charles will be visiting the United States this week, in part to meet with President Obama to discuss environmental issues, and also to deliver a speech on “sustainable agriculture.”

The short video above was made by Phelim McAleer, described by the UK Independent as “an Irish-born filmmaker who lives in Los Angeles [and] specializes in short polemics poking fun at bossy celebrities who preach green living while traveling in private jets and limousines,” and Ann McElhinney, who the Independent story ignores for some reason.

While one can hardly expect the heir to the British throne to live in a hut like one of our President’s brothers, the video makes clear that Prince Charles isn’t following his own “live simple” advice.

True to form, Prince Charles will be flying to the U.S. in a private jet. Flying First Class, even to help save the environment, seems to have been off the table.

So, apparently, was Skype.

As a bonus, here’s McElhinney and McAleer on eco-crusader James “HumVee Firetruck” Cameron, who has a very impressive toy collection:

And McElhinney and McAleer on Robert Redford, voice of United Airlines:

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