Nanny Staters Ban Anti-Tobacco E-Cig Device

ECigFlickrdikiyNanny staters around the country are banning the use of e-cigarettes, which are tiny, battery-powered tubes that heat liquid nicotine, creating a vapor users can inhale.

E-cigs are used by people who want to quit smoking tobacco for health reasons. They emit water vapor and have no smell or ash.

Nonetheless, nanny staters in New Jersey and various localities have banned their use in public areas, apparently under the theory that it is better to encourage a smoker to smoke tobacco somewhere else than to give him the option of satisfying nicotine cravings in a smoke-free, non-carcinogenic way that bothers no one except those with an unhealthy interest in what nearby strangers are doing.

I suspect these nanny staters don’t care a bit about cancer prevention. If they did, they would not want to ban something that reduces cigarette smoking. I think they just enjoy bossing people around.

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