Project 21’s Deneen Borelli on Fox News Saturday AND Sunday

Be sure not to miss Project 21 fellow Deneen Borelli in her two scheduled appearances this weekend on the Fox News Channel!

Deneen has been asked to be part of the panel discussion commenting on breaking news during Saturday afternoon’s edition of “America’s News Headquarters” at approximately 4:40PM eastern on the Fox News Channel.

On Sunday morning, Deneen is set to be on the weekend edition of “Fox and Friends” at approximately 6:10AM eastern.

Check your local listings for Fox News Channel on cable.  Fox News is available on channel 118 on Fios, channel 205 on Dish Network and channel 360 on DirecTV.

In addition to seeing Deneen on television, the Fox Nation web site features Deneen’s newest commentary.

Originally published by the Daily Caller, Deneen’s “Obama’s Policies are Causing Moral and Economic Decline” commentary links Obama’s energy agenda to a decline in civility and morality in some parts of America.

Deneen notes:

While Obama demonizes airplanes and ATMs, it’s really his toxic policies such as his failed stimulus and his war on fossil fuels that are stifling economic growth.  Those policies are also having an impact on our nation’s morality….

Black Americans have been especially hard hit by the recession.  With unemployment at 9.2 percent nationally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports black unemployment is at 16.2 percent — with 41 percent of black teens jobless.

After overwhelmingly supporting Obama in 2008, it’s disappointing that in addition to suffering from a disproportionately high unemployment rate, black Americans are suffering from higher energy and related consumer costs.

As more and more experienced adults lose their jobs, they are pushed into positions once dominated by young people.  This fosters despondency among youth and creates idle time and minds that are the Devil’s playground…

Without a significant economic turnaround, this summer may be a tragic one.  Until the economy recovers, we can expect to see more crime, more violence and more misery.

To see the entire commentary on the Fox Nation site, click here.

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