“The Light Bulb Ban Song” – Music and Lyrics

LightBulbBanSongEvery grassroots effort needs a theme song, and the crusade to restore the public’s right to choose its own light bulbs is no exception.

Now the “ban the light bulb ban” crusade has its own “undo the light bulb ban” song, sung by Brian Wilson on radio station WMAL-AM 630 in Washington D.C.

Here’s the lyrics; here’s a link to a recording of the song sung by Brian Wilson.

“The Light Bulb Ban Song”
To the music of the Beatles’ “I Want to Hold Your Hand”Hey you, what were you thinkin’?

It’s the law of the land

Hey you, deserve a spankin’, you passed the light bulb ban!

You made them contraband, you passed the light bulb ban.

Now I, I have fluorescent, the light is ghastly blue

I don’t think a light bulb, should be a curlicue

Undo the light bulb ban, undo the light bulb ban

My home has been like it’s like living in a cave,

I bet Tom Edison is spinning in his grave in his grave in his grave

So please, make a correction, and set the whole thing right

If not, they’ll be an election, we’ll help you see the light

Undo the light bulb ban

Undo the light bulb ban

Undo the light bulb ban

Kudos to Brian Wilson.

As to the ban itself, the state of play on Capitol Hill as of today, July 17, can be found here.

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