Project 21’s Borelli Discusses Debt on Fox News

On this 7/16/11 segment of “America’s News Headquarters” on the Fox News Channel, Project 21 fellow Deneen Borelli says that the American people “want to see true leadership” in decreasing the debt and getting spending under control in Washington and that President Obama avoided responsibility when he had enough popular support in Congress to do something on his own.  Deneen praises the tea party movement for keeping this issue at the forefront and promoting a national debate on debt and spending that has thus far prevented politics from driving policy.  Deneen, Fox News contributors Jehmu Greene and Mercedes Colwin and co-host Heather Childers also discuss the meaning of and protest against a prayer day event hosted by Texas Governor Rick Perry (R) and a British policy to allow teachers to be more physical with unruly students.

In this second segment, the panelists discuss a new report on the Internet and how it may be changing the process in which people think and remember.  Deneen calls the supposition simple human adaptation and notes that the Internet is a powerful and useful tool if it is used correctly.

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