Why is MoveOn.org Blaming Republicans?

Got an email from MoveOn.org this afternoon that contains this in its first sentence: “Republicans are holding our country’s credit hostage.”

First, obviously, our credit isn’t being “held hostage” by anyone, since government receipts in August will dramatically exceed the amount necessary to meet debt obligations.

But that major point aside, even as the MoveOn.org email was landing in mailboxes, strong majorities of Republicans in both chambers were expected to vote for the deal announced yesterday by President Obama. However, House Minority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) said no more than 66 of 193 Democrats in the House are supporting it, and even former Speaker and top House Democrat Nancy Pelosi was withholding her support.

So why is MoveOn.org blaming Republicans for failing to make a deal? Habit? Ignorance? Mendacious ill-will?

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