Video: Project 21’s Deneen Borelli Talks Jobs on Fox

Project 21’s full-time fellow, Deneen Borelli, appeared on the Fox News Channel twice over the last few days.

In the first appearance, shown in the video below, broadcast Friday, August 19, Deneen joins host Megyn Kelly, the Fox Business Network’s Elizabeth MacDonald, and Alan Colmes of “The Alan Colmes Show” to discuss what they believe President Obama should include in his much-anticipated jobs plan, to be released in September of this year.

In the second appearance, show in the video below, Deneen discusses the economic costs of new EPA rules on the August 21, 2011 edition Fox & Friends. Up to one fifth of America’s electricity-producing coal capacity may be shut down by new federal environmental regulations between now and 2017. The federal government is forcing plants to close, and as they do, jobs are being lost.

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