Deneen Borelli to Debunk Wild Accusations Made About Tea Party on Fox Business Channel’s “FreedomWatch” Tonight

Project 21 fellow Deneen Borelli is scheduled to be a guest on tonight’s edition of “FreedomWatch” on the Fox Business Network.

A regular speaker at tea party events, Deneen has been asked to talk about radical claims made by Representative Andre Carson (D-IN), who — during an official Congressional Black Caucus event in Miami on August 22 — made racial accusations that members of the tea party movement would “love to see us as second-class citizens” and “love to see you and me… hanging on a tree.”

In a past New Visions Commentary, Deneen explained the radical campaign of lies and distortions that are directed at the tea party movement in order to smear reformers and throw them off-base.  She wrote:

Slandering tea party activists is apparently a politically expedient necessity because they pack the punch to change the political landscape and knock down President Obama’s progressive agenda.

Dealing the race card has always been a central element of the progressive strategy. By claiming that tea party opposition to President Obama’s agenda is motivated by anger over a black president, progressives hope to transform the debate from one about policy to race, thus marginalizing the tea party’s effectiveness.

“FreedomWatch” airs at 8:00PM eastern and is repeated at 11:00PM eastern.

Check local cable listings for the Fox Business Network.  FBN can also be found on DirecTV channel 359, Dish Network channel 206, Fios channel 117 and Sky Angel channel 319.

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