Steven Crowder Video: #OccupyRacism!!!

“Is the Occupied movement full of rapists, theives and criminals?” Steven Crowder asks. “YES! But more importantly, RACISTS!”

What inspired Crowder’s latest video? “At first, I was designing this video as satire,” Crowder tells us. “If all Tea Partiers must be racist solely because they disagree with a black man, I figured that I’d use the same standard against liberals and accuse them of racism too. Upon further research, however, I realized that there really were a lot of actual racists in the “Occupy” movement, particularly anti-Semites.”

He continues: “That’s where the hashtag #OccupyRacism comes in. Since the media is trying to set a false narrative, it’s time for conservatives to set it straight. I want everybody to shine a light on the rampant racism found in this movement. Also, I demand that the Occupiers start using soap.”


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