Politicization of MLK Memorial Dedication Concerns Project 21’s Borelli

While praising the new national memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Washington, D.C. as an “amazing thing,” Project 21 fellow Deneen Borelli laments that some of Dr. King’s children and others politicized the dedication ceremony with radical commentary.  Rather, Deneen would have preferred a focus on the King legacy of bringing about social change through non-violence instead of making assertions about what he would say and do more than 40 years after his death.

The panel also discusses how an Illinois college is asking applicants about their sexual orientation. Deneen says this is “none of [the school’s] business” and that she “hope[s] this isn’t a quota thing” that will make sexual orientation a preference issue regarding admissions.

This discussion with co-host Heather Childers and Fox News contributors KT McFarland and Judith Miller was part of the 10/16/11 edition of “America’s News Headquarters” on the Fox News Channel.

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