National Center’s Comedic Filmmaker Visits “Occupy” Camps in Four States

Complains “I’ve Been Sick as a Dog” and “Coughing Up Weird Foreign Life-Forms” After Contact with Denver Occupiers

Still, “Show Must Go On,” Fourth Crowder “Occupy” Video Soon to Be Released

Following recent visits to “Occupy” encampments in New York City, Dallas, Denver and Ann Arbor, conservative comedy filmmaker Steven Crowder has released three videos showing “Occupiers” at their finest.

Which, unfortunately, isn’t very fine.

In New York, the irrepressible Crowder grabbed a megaphone and led the unwitting Occupiers in chants. Later, still undercover, he debated a passing conservative (who beat him hands-down) and chatted with some unique specimens.

Steven doesn’t totally disagree with the Occupiers: “The truth is that I agree with the ‘Occupiers’ on a lot. I couldn’t be more anti-bailout. Whether it’s the banks or the UAW, I agree that the American taxpayer should never be in the business of subsidizing failure. When these jobless hipsters start pointing us toward the solution of higher taxes and bigger government… well, that’s when I hop off the crazy bus.”

The “crazy bus” stopped in Denver, and Steven was there.

Finding himself in the middle of Occupy Denver’s dual-assault on the FreedomWorks conservative blogger “BlogCon” conference, Steven took an unusual approach — for him — and filmed part of the assault straight, wondering, “At some point, there must be a number. How many rapes, deaths and felonies need to be committed for mainstream media to realize that these [expletive deleted] are the rule of Occupy Protests, not the exception?”

You can see Steven’s Occupy Denver video here and Steven being interviewed on Fox News about it here.

Before Denver and New York, Steve completed what surely is the world’s only comedy video analysis of what he calls “#OccupyRacism,” comparing the media and Hollywood elite’s attitudes about the Occupiers to the liberal elite’s attitudes about the Tea Partiers.

Go here for Stephen being interviewed on Fox & Friends about the hypocrisy and economic illiteracy of Occupy Wall Street.

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These three Steven Crowder videos have already received over 100,000 views on Steven Crowder’s YouTube page alone.

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