Target Shareholders Wanted for Project to Fight Crony Capitalism and Protect Liberty

TargetLogoAs many of our readers know, the National Center for Public Policy Research fights crony capitalism and left-wing activities by some of America’s biggest corporations.

One of the ways we do this is by submitting shareholder proposals for consideration at corporate shareholder meetings. Typically, we ask corporate management to share with shareholders information about their plans that may have an impact not only on their future profitability, but on the future of liberty in the United States.

We also speak up at corporate shareholder meetings, where we often have the opportunity to speak directly to corporate CEOs, asking them to explain what they’ve been up to, and what they plan to do in the future.

Some of these meetings are contentious. At other times, corporate CEOs agree with us on a way forward that protects the investments of their shareholders while benefiting the public and protecting liberty.

Many times, victories are won for the free market.

Right now, the National Center for Public Policy Research is conducting an ambitious shareholder meeting schedule, but we need some help. We’re looking for a conservative or free-market activist who owns shares in Target, has owned a minimum of $2,000 worth of Target stock uninterrupted for the past 12 months, and is willing to submit a corporate proposal that asks Target’s executive management to disclose its point of view on certain issues supported by environmentalists that currently are being exploited by come crony capitalists.

We can do most of the legwork, but the shareholder would have to provide a letter from his or her broker documenting that $2,000 worth of Target stock has been owned by the shareholder uninterrupted for the past full year.

If you are a shareholder of Target and meet these requirements, and are willing to review our proposed corporate proposal to see if you agree that it is important that Target shareholders know its management’s views on this environmental/crony capitalist issue, please contact me (Amy Ridenour) at [email protected]. The proposal must be submitted by Monday, December 31, so we’d have to review the proposal with you before then, but the broker letter would not be needed until mid-January.

The National Center is a Target shareholder, but we have not yet owned the stock for a full year, so we are not yet eligible to submit a proposal in our own name. We know only a few of our readers are in a position to help with this project, so we thank all of you for reading this, and to those of you who are one-year+ Target shareholders, thank you in advance for considering participating in this project.

The National Center for Public Policy Research is a communications and research foundation supportive of a strong national defense and dedicated to providing free market solutions to today’s public policy problems. We believe that the principles of a free market, individual liberty and personal responsibility provide the greatest hope for meeting the challenges facing America in the 21st century.