Susan G. Komen to Baby Girls: Drop Dead (We Only Care When You’re Old)

SusanGKomenLogoWTo be fair, the Susan B. Komen Foundation phrased it differently.

And also, to be fair, baby boys are at equal risk.

Setting aside Komen’s comfort with abortion, this is an all-time dumb move from a non-profit management perspective; possibly the biggest since the Nature Conservancy forgot the meaning of the phrase “conflict of interest.” Komen began the week with a reputation as a widely-respected health-oriented cancer-fighting organization with a relative handful of “more sorrow than in anger” critics and ended it having gravely insulted tens of millions of people, leaving very many current and potential donors absolutely furious (the kind of furious they take to their graves). From a marketing perspective, Komen now has branded itself as a left-wing organization that “cures” pregnancy as well as breast cancer. Doesn’t matter if that’s fair, it’s happened, and unnecessarily so. The damage may be irreparable at this point.

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