Occupy Occupy D.C.’s Dark Side

P21BobParksDespite having two black conservative speakers on the first day of the “Occupy Occupy D.C.” events, at least one of the regulars at the existing encampment on Freedom Plaza has accused the National Center was monochromatic in nature.  He obviously never heard of Project 21 — the National Center’s black conservative leadership network.

He’d be one of the few on the left who apparently hasn’t heard of Project 21.  Our black conservative volunteers have been denounced by the NAACP.  In 2005, the left-wing Nation magazine said: “Project 21 remains a crucial gear in the right’s propaganda factory.  Without [Project 21, its] cadres would probably be at home screaming at the TV.  But instead, they’re on TV.”

On Wednesday, Project 21 spokesman Bob Parks will be at Freedom Plaza (13th and Pennsylvania Avenue NW) at noontime to answer any questions the campers there (or anyone else) may have about how a black man could be conservative.

Bob will be easy to spot.  Look for the man with the “token black conservative” placard.

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