Occupy Occupy D.C.: Giving a Hoot

In an odd (and savage) turn of events, the Interior Department recently announced it would allow the killing of one kind of owl to save another.

You might remember the spotted owl as the critter that nearly destroyed the timber industry in the Pacific Northwest.  Millions of acres of forest were set aside for spotted owl habitat.  But the spotted owl’s numbers still declined by around 40 percent over the past 25 years.

What to do?  It’s “endangered.”  The Endangered Species Act demands that it be saved!

Along with loggers, the genetically-similar barred owl is now considered a threat.  Hundreds of barred owls may be killed in favor of the spotted owl.

So the National Center’s “Occupy Occupy D.C.” street team is taking up the cause of the barred owl and the logger this noontime at Washington, D.C.’s Freedom Plaza (13th and Pennsylvania Avenue NW).

Targeting loggers didn’t work.  Targeting other owls is defying the natural order of things.  How about looking at reforming the Endangered Species Act?

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