Jeff Stier Talks Bloomberg Food Ban on CNN

Jeff Stier, director of the National Center for Public Policy Research’s Risk Analysis Division, appeared on CNN twice on 3/20/12 to talk about efforts by the Bloomberg Administration to ban all private food donations to city-run homeless shelters in New York City.

On “Starting Point,” with host Soledad O’Brien, CNN political analyst Roland Martin and Will Cain of The Blaze, Jeff said that this policy not only deprives the homeless in New York City-run shelters of high-quality food, but it is also an abuse of government’s safety net for underprivileged citizens when it is used to push a social agenda (in this case, Bloomberg’s nutritional standards).

On “Early Start,” Jeff told co-host Zoraida Sambolin that the Bloomberg food ban also spurns the goodwill of the New Yorkers in order to promote that social policy agenda.

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