Conservatives Occupy “Occupy the Justice Department” Rally

Left-Wing Radicals Challenged to Support Ballot Integrity

Names of Vote Fraud Victims Highlighted

Washington, D.C. – On the heels of a five-week free-market-oriented rollback of Occupy D.C. protesters on Washington, D.C.’s Freedom Plaza, activists from the National Center for Public Policy Research today occupied the left’s “Occupy the Justice Department” rally in the name of ballot integrity.

Members of the National Center street team infiltrated the otherwise lackluster April 24 rally outside the U.S. Department of Justice (950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW) to counter the rabble’s left-wing message to promote the cause of increased voter identification protections at American polling places.

Photographs are available here.

National Center signs contained the names of people whose votes were stolen by Lessadolla Sowers, a former county-level NAACP official in Mississippi who was convicted of ten counts of casting fraudulent absentee ballots in 2011 and sentenced to 50 years in prison for her crimes.

The presence of the National Center street team demanding that votes be protected was a stark contrast to the large contingent of New Black Panther Party members, Bradley Manning proponents and death penalty opponents on hand at the rally of probably 250 people at best.

“Critics of increased ballot integrity say there is little proof of vote fraud. We brought the names of ten victims whose votes were taken from them. Exactly how many Americans must have their votes stolen for the left to be concerned?” asks National Center Executive Director David W. Almasi, coordinator of “Occupy Occupy D.C” programming. “Leftists at this rally want voting rights for felons such as convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal — whom their rally focused on. It’s a clear disconnect from reality when the votes of convicts such as Mumia Abu-Jamal and Lessadolla Sowers are apparently more important than the votes of Alberta Pickett or Draper Cotton.”

Much to the outrage of the Internet left, the National Center for Public Policy Research recently announced the creation of the “Voter Identification Task Force” to promote measures to enhance integrity in continuation of the work of the American Legislation Exchange Council.

A recent poll conducted jointly by Anderson Robbins Research and Shaw and Company Research found that 70 percent of those surveyed — including Republican and Democrat majorities — support voter identification laws. Additionally, 50 percent of those surveyed thought that opponents of such laws may want to allow vote fraud to occur.

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