Project 21’s Stacy Swimp Wants to Just Be an American

In this newly-released clip from filmmaker Steven Michael, Project 21 spokesman Stacy Swimp expresses his desire to be an “unhyphenated American.”  Stacy says that the mindset of race — exemplified by the use of the term African-American — divides people.  The unnecessary division created by race politics, he says, is exploited by “hustlers” for their own personal gain.

Stacy says there is nothing wrong with celebrating one’s heritage, but laments that there are those who want him to fixate on the concept of race instead of his desire to “just be an American.”  Over the years, Stacy has endured being called “Uncle Tom,” “Uncle Ruckus” and a “sell-out” for his modest request.

“I don’t want to be anything than what I really am,” says Stacy, who notes that he is six generations removed from slavery and Africa.  He mentions that he has white friends who were born and emigrated to America that he considers more “African-American” than himself.

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