Project 21’s Borelli Talks About Women in Combat and Coffeeshops on Fox News

As pressure is put on the military to officially sanction women in combat roles, Project 21 fellow Deneen Borelli says that “all job assignments should be based on the person’s ability to meet the requirements of the mission.”  That being said, there should be no quotas or special exceptions — everyone assigned to combat must be qualified.  On another topic, regarding the increasing number of divorce filings that cite Facebook as a factor, Deneen says that is a “personal responsibility” for people not to act on temptations presented by the Internet.

Later, Deneen calls a federal investigation into the hiring practices of the Marylou’s coffeeshop chain “government gone wild,” and wonders if the government will go after modeling agencies next.  The chain is alleged to only hire young and pretty female employees — a charge disputed by one former employee interviewed for the segment who identified herself and some of her former co-workers as older.  Deneen says businesses should have the ability to hire to a theme, and people who are opposed to it have the ability to buy coffee elsewhere.

Joining Deneen in these discussions on the 5/27/12 edition of the Fox News Channel’s “America’s News Headquarters” is co-host Arthel Neville, Ellen Ratner of the Talk Radio Network and Dianne Gooch of the Two Rivers Times.

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