America Cares About Proposed Soda Ban

ColaiStockWonLIt may “only” be being proposed in New York, but the ban on large sodas being proposed by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is attracting national attention.

The proposed ban was announced Thursday, May 31, and National Center staff members have already completed (or in the last few cases, scheduled) or received the following media interviews or citations:

5/31/12 Voice of America, David Almasi

5/31/12 KDKA – Pittsburgh, Cherylyn Harley LeBon

5/31/12 ABC News, Jeff Stier

5/31/12 CNN Headline News, Jeff Stier

5/31/12 WCHV – Charlottesville, Jeff Stier

5/31/12 KPAM – Portland, Jeff Stier

5/31/12 New York Daily News, Jeff Stier

5/31/12 Wisconsin Public Radio – syndicated, Jeff Stier

5/31/12 WXKS – Boston, Jeff Stier

5/31/12 CKNW – Vancouver, Jeff Stier

5/31/12 WIBX – Utica, Jeff Stier

5/31/12 NewsBusters, Jeff Stier

5/31/12 Human Events, Jeff Stier

5/31/12 Maine Web Report, Jeff Stier

5/31/12 BBC News, Jeff Stier

5/31/12 Inside Counsel, Jeff Stier

5/31/12 Media Research Center, Jeff Stier

5/31/12 Caveat Emptor (Harold Black), Jeff Stier

6/1/12 WVHU – Huntington, David Almasi

6/1/12 USA Talk Radio Network – syndicated, David Almasi

6/1/12 KNOX – Grand Forks, David Almasi

6/1/12 WRVA – Richmond, Cherylyn Harley LeBon

6/1/12 NRA News, Cherylyn Harley LeBon

6/1/12 WHJJ – Providence, Cherylyn Harley LeBon

6/1/12 WIFI/WNJC – Burlington/Sewell, Cherylyn Harley LeBon

6/1/12 WHVH/KSSK/KIKI – Honolulu, Jeff Stier

6/1/12 WDUN – Gainesville, David Almasi

6/1/12 News Sniffer, Jeff Stier

6/1/12 BrightonWired, Jeff Stier

6/1/12 Times of News, Jeff Stier

6/1/12 Voice of America, David Almasi

6/1/12 BayouBuzz, Jeff Stier

6/1/12, Jeff Stier

6/4/12 Supermarket Guru – syndicated, David Almasi

6/4/12 WTIC – Farmington, Cherylyn Harley LeBon

6/4/12 America Tonight – syndicated, Jeff Stier

6/4/12 WTVN – Columbus, Jeff Stier

6/4/12 WFOY – St. Augustine, Jeff Stier

and pending

6/5/12 MS Supertalk (9 stations), Cherylyn Harley LeBon

6/5/12 KHND – Harvey, Jeff Stier

6/7/12 American Family Radio/OneNewsNow, Jeff Stier

Notice that most of these media outlets are not in New York. America doesn’t want this ban going national, and is playing close attention.

Check out our press release, CNN and VOA television interviews and our blog posts (warning: some are not very serious) here and here and here.

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