Bloomberg Berates Moms Rather Than Busting Crooks

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg already earned the criticism of policy experts from National Center and Project 21 twice this year for his nanny-state regulations regarding food donations to the poor and the sale of large fountain sodas in restaurants.  Now, Bloomberg is earning it again essentially hiding baby formula from newborn mothers.

Bloomberg’s newest battle against choice will have city officials counting and requiring justification for the use of bottles of baby formula by participating city hospitals, have hospital staff essentially berate mommies for choosing formula over breast-feeding and throw out anything related to the promotion of baby formula from the “swag bag” that new mommies regularly receive that is full of free samples and information.

As already pointed out by Project 21 spokeswoman Cheryyn Harley LeBon, this “is part of Bloomberg’s mode of reducing choice for New Yorkers and continuing to chip away at the free market.”

P21DeroyMurdockProject 21 member Deroy Murdock, a supporter of a mother’s freedom of choice and a resident of New York City, suggests that the mayor can better utilize his time by focusing on the “quality of life” issues that so endeared residents of the Big Apple to Bloomberg’s predecessor.  Deroy says:

What the hell is Bloomberg doing?  Crime is up 4.3 percent this year.  Shootings are up 9.6 percent.  Meanwhile, city-owned trash cans overflow, and the sidewalks of New York get filthier by the day.  Now, here he is, mouthing off about breast-feeding.

Stick the criminals back in jail and get the streets as clean as they were when former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani bequeathed City Hall to you.  Focus on that, and get your power-hungry hands off of the soft drinks and breasts of law-abiding New Yorkers.

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