Project 21 Members React to Abortion Doctor’s Complaints About “Ugly Black Babies”

National Black Pro-Life Union president (and Project 21 member) Day Gardner is calling attention [] to a video posted on YouTube that shows incredible racial insensitivity on the part of a doctor reportedly performing abortions in North Carolina.

Confronting activists from Operation Save America, Dr. Ashutosh Ron Virmani first tried to support the practice of abortion to the activists through an economic argument.  Virmani said: “I don’t want to pay for the baby with my money.”  Then he suggested that babies who aren’t aborted may grow up to be mass murders such as James Holmes — the man charged with the recent “Dark Knight Rises” massacre in Aurora, Colorado.

Then Virmani got really nasty.

Virmani challenged the activists to adopt some children who might otherwise be aborted (something the activists readily agreed to do), taunting them with racial rhetoric:

Let me see you adopt some of those ugly black babies.

The animosity in which Virmani’s comments sound to be grounded in harkens back to the racial statements of Planned Parenthood founder and abortion movement icon Margaret Sanger.

Day, shocked at Virmani’s candor, said:

The black community should be outraged because Ashutosh Virmani is a brazen racist, and his statement supports what we already know of the billion-dollar abortion industry — black babies are targeted because they are seen as poor, worthless and maybe even “ugly.”


This outrage and deep concern about Virmani’s shocking statements is shared by other members of Project 21.  Stacy Washington, for example, explains that Virmani’s comment unmasks a darker element of the pro-abortion movement, noting:

The pro-abortion movement always denies that Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry are rooted in racism.  Yet each month seems to bring a new revelation of the hatred that seethes inside of those who work so tirelessly for “choice.”

This video shows an accused abortionist angrily yelling at pro-life activists to adopt the “ugly black babies” so they won’t grow up and “kill those people [like] in Colorado.”  His premise is false, since all black babies don’t grow up to kill people — nor do they all end up being raised on the taxpayers’ dime.
When will choicers stop yelling about women’s bodies and accept the fact that they fund and support a racist, hate-filled agenda bent on the killing of blacks, Hispanics and disabled humans beings among us?

In any Twitter altercation with an advocate of choice, I accuse them of being pro-abortion.  They always reply that no one is pro-abortion.  Yet this video proves that someone clearly is.  And, if they wish to have a shred of credibility left on the choice side, they need to call out this horrid, racist individual and separate him!

But this will never happen because he represents the mass.  And that is truly frightening.

And, despite an overall improvement in race relations in America, Project 21 member Demetrius Minor points out that this exchange shows there may yet be more areas in which hate and race-consciousness remains.  So there’s still obvious work to do when it comes to protecting the civil rights of the most innocent and least powerful members of society.  Demetrius said:

This clearly shows that there are still individuals who are full of hatred, viciousness and evil. We must continue to denounce those who proclaim such divisive and despicable rhetoric.

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