National Center Commentary Helps Obama Official Win “Nanny of the Month”

Plaudits go to the National Center’s Jeff Stier — director of our Risk Analysis Division — for his assist in getting Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius the “Nanny of the Month” award from Reason TV.

The Sebelius award focuses on the possible misuse of federal money meant for prevention and wellness programs that was instead used to promote local-level advocacy of things such as soda taxes and anti-fast food zoning ordinances.  This beat out rules against handing out water on a hot day and teaching make-up applications to be considered the most egregious nanny state activity that was discussed last month.

Jeff brought attention to this possible abuse of taxpayer dollars in a commentary published by Roll Call.  Additionally, the HHS inspector general has suggested that the questionable dispensing of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention funds may constitute “inappropriate lobbying activities.”

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