Left-Wing Hatred of Black Conservatives Becomes Historic

It was back in February of 2011 that Project 21 first openly criticized the leftist blogger who goes by the name “Chauncey DeVega.”

While Chauncey never gave up his race-mongering ways, he is poking in Project 21’s direction yet again with his recent comments about black conservatives, voter protection laws and Frederick Douglass.

A year-and-a-half ago, it was Chauncey’s posts on AlterNet about Herman Cain at CPAC that garnered criticism.  In the past, he exhibited an open hatred that so many on the left similarly have for blacks who stray from the liberal plantation.  He called Cain “a monkey in the window” and black conservatives in general were “black garbage pail kids” who “entertain and perform for their White Conservative masters.”

This particular post appears to now be removed from AlterNet, but the rebuttal to conservative criticism from Chauncey and the site’s administrator remains.

It’s no surprise that Chauncey still continues to rail against black conservatives.  He most recently charges on the Daily Kos that black conservatives “are slaves to the psychic wages of Whiteness — and the material gains that come with the choice to be a political Judas, Kiplingesque middle man or colonial administrator who can interpret the drums of the natives.”

P21DemeriusMinorProject 21 member Demetrius Minor rebuts Chauncey and suggests the left clean its own house of hatred, saying:

This is another example of the vile and vicious hate displayed by the left.  Instead of engaging in a dialogue that would help progress racial relations, liberals have decided to ostracize and demonize black conservatives.  We must condemn this despicable rhetoric once and for all.

Right now, Chauncey is bristling in particular about the fact that there are blacks who can support rules that make it harder for fraudsters to steal votes from honest Americans of all races.

In his Daily Kos screed, Chauncey says: “Black conservatives are one of the rotten legs supporting the racist stool that is the Tea Party GOP.”   Furthermore, they are in a “lucrative hustle” in which they “serve as human props and political blackface mask in support of efforts to demobilize African-American voters.”

P21HoraceCooperProject 21 member Horace Cooper, an outspoken advocate for protections against voter identity fraud and author of many academic papers pointing out the benefits of such protections (see here, here, here, here and here), said about Chauncey’s vitriol and those who insist on perpetrating it:

Rather than advocate or offer rebuttals based in facts and principle, its sad to see the so-called movement of tolerance use ad-hominem attacks and hate rhetoric as a means of trying to deny the diversity of opinion that exists within black America.

Besides the Daily Kos, Chauncey’s rants can still be read on AlterNet as well as Salon and the Washington Post-bankrolled The Root.  So these are not the rantings of a lone individual with a purchased web address — Chauncey is well-regarded and supported in his hate mongering by the leftist establishment.

What really seems to get under Chauncey’s skin these days are black conservatives who affiliate with noted abolitionist movement hero Frederick Douglass.  Chauncey, not realizing (or, perhaps, willingly ignoring) that voter protections protect black voters from being marginalized by the fraudsters, likes to propagate the notion that conservative blacks “spit in the face of [the Douglass] legacy” when they support polling place protections.  He says that black conservatives “need to get Frederick Douglass out of their collective mouth.”

P21StacySwimpThat deserves a special retort from Project 21 member Stacy Swimp, who also serves as the president of the Lansing-based Frederick Douglass Society.  Stacy says:

Black conservatives embrace Frederick Douglass because he — perhaps more than anyone else, especially for his time — promoted individual responsibility, a work ethic and limited government as a path toward growth and gain for black Americans.  He felt the best thing government could do for black Americans at the time was to get out of the way of their progress.

Frederick Douglass honored the dignity and resolve of black Americans and sought for them to rise and fall on their own merits.  He knew people contain the ability to succeed on their own.  He felt nothing could be stop success if one applied themselves, and that is why black conservatives embrace and honor him today.

Neither slavery nor racism are solely to blame for the current condition of America’s urban communities.  Moral surrender was our undoing.  It is very interesting for a black leftist to chastise black conservatives for looking to Frederick Douglass for guidance and strength after the left has perverted the message of people such as him as they have tried to systematically sabotage those he fought for.

The left has institutionalized an inferiority complex among too many people.  Black conservatives embrace the Frederick Douglass and his teachings to reverse this terrible condition.

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