Jeff Stier: Bloomberg Soda Ban Cog in Larger Anti-Choice Campaign

In a discussion with host Larry Kudlow about the new ban on the sale of large sugary drinks in New York City that was part of the 9/13/12 edition of CNBC’s “The Kudlow Report,” National Center Risk Analysis Division director Jeff Stier says this is not just about New York City, soda and perceived safety of the Big Apple.  Jeff warns “the nanny state has been co-opted by big government activists.  It’s no longer about public health anymore.  The public health community doesn’t exist.  This is actually bad for public health.”

While Mayor Michael Bloomberg claims his campaigns against the freedom to choose are — as he said regarding the soda bad — to “save lives,” Jeff contends this one ban is part of a larger campaign backed by activists in the federal government who have no scientific justification to back up their regulatory restrictions.

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