Black Conservatives Run to Defend Dash

Actress Stacey Dash, best known for her supporting role in the movie and subsequent television series “Clueless,” provoked the wrath of the left this week when she chose to tweet out an endorsement of a certain person who is challenging the President of the United States for his job.

Shortly after her endorsement, the Twitterverse exploded with angry reactions to what she thought was just her “humble opinion.”

Of course, the color of Dash’s skin (she claims to be of black and Mexican descent) and not the content of her character or the validity of her comment seemed to be a leading target of her critics.

As collected by the site Twitchy, Dash was called names such as “Oreo,” “Uncle Tom,” house nigga,” “traitor,” “hoe” and “Jemima.”  More personal comments suggested “she get cancer twice and die once,” that “she trying to secure a position in the big house,” and the contrarian view of “no house rights for you.” (It’s common for the left to suggest that black conservatives are akin to the trusted slaves in pre-emancipation America who worked in plantation houses.)

In the wake of this liberal racial spigot being opened against Dash, Project 21 members are speaking out in favor of the actress being allowed to speak her mind without fear of despicable reprisal on the part of the left.

P21CherylynLeBonFor instance, Project 21 member Cherylyn Harley LeBon said:

When Stacey Dash decided to publicly support a politician the left abhors, they launched a hate campaign against the actress for the simple act of speaking her mind.  The double standard on the left is alarming.  Freedom of expression is celebrated — except when the leftist mob doesn’t agree with the position.

It’s not an act you see copied on the other end of the political spectrum.  You don’t see conservatives tweeting vile and offensive insults — especially racial ones — at liberal celebrities such as Eva Longoria and Kerry Washington, no matter how radical these celebrities may be.

P21DeroyMurdockProject 21 member Deroy Murdock added:

Liberals love to fantasize about a “racial code” that conservatives allegedly use to communicate with white racists.  Hoping that President Obama will return next year to the private sector in Chicago, for instance, supposedly is a cryptic way of saying that Obama takes resources from Caucasians in the suburbs and redistributes them to poor people in the inner cities — never mind that Chicago has vast, predominantly white neighborhoods and President Obama actually owns a house there.

However, self-styled “tolerant” liberals do not use a genteel and imaginary “code” to express their bigotry.  When black actress Stacey Dash spoke out, the left unleashed the rhetorical sledgehammers.

These delightful messages reflect the fact that liberals refuse to allow blacks to think conservative thoughts or hold favorable views toward figures on the American Right.  How dare black conservatives think for themselves?  Rather than debate or disagree with black conservatives, liberals deploy the ugliest, most vulgar and reprehensible language possible.  This speaks loudly to their massive intolerance, deep bigotry and world-class incivility.  Liberals claim that they are the world’s most open-minded people.  The snarling attack on Stacey Dash confirms that open-minded liberals are harder to find than the Loch Ness monster.

P21LisaFritschAnd Project 21 member Lisa Fritsch said:

Conservatives were shocked and dismayed at the ruling Chief Justice John Roberts made on Obamacare this summer, and their response was swift and disapproving.  Despite their sharp disagreement, however, conservative criticism was based on principle, policy and constitutional standing.  Roberts was not lambasted with tweets and comments calling him a pimp or a racist thug.

Stacy Dash did not receive that type of dignity and grace.  Instead, Dash was assaulted with vulgar, misogynist and utterly reprehensible sentiments usually reserved for women in rap songs.  Dash is now experiencing the hatred the left heaps on black conservatives on a daily basis.

We are thoughtful and concerned Americans just like Ms. Dash — people who believe in and support the American Dream.  Unfortunately, black conservatives are so used to the vile and despicable language that we merely yawn at the left’s antics.  But, because we lack celebrity, we don’t make it on Piers Morgan’s CNN show to discuss our feelings like Ms. Dash was afforded.
What is confounding is that the left would be so threatened by the opinion of one actress.  Rather than dismiss her, they attack her personally  — proving that Ms. Dash is onto something in straying from the herd.

Welcome to the road much less traveled, Stacey.

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