National Center’s Stier Sacks Sinister Soda Strategy

Responding to a new video criticizing soda sales, the National Center for Public Policy Research’s Jeff Stier says the new Center for Science in the Public Interest crusade goes too far in suggesting “what is excessive” and that the pro-regulation special interest is “hyperfocused on soda” as a culprit for health problems.

Discussing the parody of the Coca Cola Company’s polar bear advertising campaign with CNBC hosts Michelle Caruso-Cabrera and Bill Griffeth and CSPI executive director Michael Jacobson, Jeff — the director of the National Center’s Risk Analysis Division — points out this is just one part of a larger nanny state strategy by the left to further control peoples’ behavior through the regulation and taxation of food and beverages.  Rather than demonizing sodas, Jeff suggests there should be more focus on personal responsibility and “total calorie consumption.”

This segment appeared on the 10/11/12 edition of “Closing Bell” on CNBC.

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