Being a Divisive Leftist Apparently Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

EthisiStockBorderWMy series of posts on Diversity Inc.’s rude and sloppy article of November 26 taking conservative commentator Pat Buchanan to task for words Buchanan never said on a radio show that no longer exists (see here and here) wraps up today with the news that Diversity Inc. founder, CEO and designated sloppy white guy columnist Luke Visconti isn’t man enough to apologize.

Visconti actually doubles down on his gross error, now claiming his “column and its opinions are still valid,” despite being based on an over-the-top satire piece published on a website that says flat-out that its stories are fake.

Visconti claims that the fact that Buchanan wrote other things entirely means he deserves to be attacked for the fake stuff. Essentially, the logic appears to be that if you are conservative, you are fair game for abuse.

Speaking of which, in 2010 Visconti compared black conservatives participating in Tea Party activities to Jews helping Nazis administer concentration camps.

Open-minded, isn’t he?

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