Video: National Center Staffer Gets Punched by Union Thugs in Lansing

Apparently I didn’t know the half of it when I posted video earlier today of union protesters tearing down Americans for Prosperity’s tent outside the state capitol building in Lansing.

A top headline on Drudge right now is “Thugs Gone Wild,” featuring kind, calm generous union protesters in Lansing punching Steven Crowder, who happens to be Media Fellow of the National Center for Public Policy Research.

Steven reports a cut and a chipped tooth, so, fortunately, he wasn’t seriously hurt. He’s an advanced martial arts student, but I have to agree with his on-the-scene judgment that fighting back wouldn’t have been the best strategy with that crowd.

He could have relied on the police to keep order but… none around. They are unionized. Probably a coincidence. [See later note below]

You can see some of the 41 videos Steven has, so far, made for the National Center on the left column of this blog, or here. Here’s one he made starring himself and his brother Jordan Crowder about, coincidentally, “union thuggery”:

As previously noted, last Friday, union protesters smashed the cell phone of Project 21’s Stacy Swimp.

Addendum, 12/13/12: I was later told that while it is true that the police were not present during the melee described here nor while union protesters were tearing down the huge Americans for Prosperity tent, they did subsequently arrive (on horseback), whereupon the union protesters called them nasty names, including, imaginatively, “scab.” The Michigan State Police also says it is willing to investigate and, as appropriate, prosecute incidents of assault if complaints are made.

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