LansingAFPUnionViolence121112WOn Friday I blogged about Project 21’s Stacy Swimp getting his cell phone smashed by a union protester at the Michigan state capital in Lansing. Stacy and Scott Hagerstrom from Michigan Americans for Prosperity were broadcasting Ronald Reagan’s famous right-to-work speech and talking with union members about what conservatives believe.

Stacy objected (verbally) when a union representative shoved a woman who was there to demonstrate in support of Senate passage of right-to-work laws, and had his cell phone smashed for his trouble.

Today in Lansing, our friends at Americans for Prosperity got a much bigger taste of organized labor’s appreciation for reasoned debate when union protesters tore down AFP’s tent (with people inside).

Here’s the video:

Notice that you don’t hear any voices among the union protesters calling on one another to stop this act as it is ongoing.

Unions and their allies have been whining that passage of right-to-work laws in Michigan by the state legislature is “subverting the will of voters.” If legal votes by democratically-elected legislative bodies is “subverting the will of voters,” what do they call political violence?

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