How Far Left is the Far Left?

In an op-ed in Forbes today, I did something uncharacteristic: I said nice things about the First Lady’s Let’s Move campaign.

Praising Ms. Obama from the right doesn’t come easy. Certainly, there are examples where she’s stumbled. But by and large, her approach and results deserve recognition.

I did so because when you compare her food policy initiatives to the most prominent voices on the left, Mrs. Obama comes out sounding like Ayn Rand. Really.

If you want to know why the left is winning debates in social media, see the reaction to my piece on Twitter (Warning: there’s some offensive language from the left. So much for civility…) and compare it to what you’ve tweeted about this.

Before you start tweeting, please read my piece, The Food Police Lay the Groundwork for a 2013 Food Fight.

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