LeBon Commentary on ObamaCare Intrusiveness Featured in Beck’s Blaze

P21CherylynLeBonA new commentary by Project 21 co-chair Cherylyn Harley LeBon, published on the Glenn Beck web site The Blaze draws from her own personal experience to show how the new personal information-gathering regime required by ObamaCare is intrusive and will likely only grow the nation’s already burgeoning nanny state.

Chronicling a recent appointment that her daughter had with a long-time practitioner used by her family, Cherylyn discusses in “Welcome to the Doctor’s Office — Your Papers Please” how a new line of questioning brought to her attention an “invasive information grab [that] is developing into a pattern.”  She added:

If the government now requires doctors to ask more probing questions, and our private information is being recorded and entered into some government database, there are troubling implications.

Addressing the overall problem of the government amassing vast quantities of personal information on citizens as a matter of course and the problems that could arise as a result, Cherylyn further noted:

Government has a spotty record of keeping confidential information out of the wrong hands.  I do not want my medical information to be the target of some overeager hacker who wants to make a big score and get bragging rights by cracking the code of the federal government’s huge medical information database.

I also don’t want to find out that the information I gave to my doctor is now accessible by the folks at the IRS, EPA and maybe even the DMV.  Forget about hacker — we’ve all heard stories about government workers abusing their authority to use government records for political and personal gain…

If my visit to my daughter’s ophthalmologist is any indication, we’re heading towards a future of more paperwork, less time spent between doctors and patients, and more invasive questions being dumped into a “government database.”  And possible increased threats to our privacy.

To read the entire commentary, click here.

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