Project 21’s Derryck Green: Obama Birth Control Mandate Compromise Not Enough

Project 21 member Derryck Green says the recent minor compromise for religious institutions that the White House offered on its ObamaCare contraception mandate is “a step in the right direction” that must “go a lot further.”  Derryck tells host Amy Holmes of the Blaze TV program “Real News” on February 5 that the compromise is still unacceptable because it still discriminates against people of faith.  He believes this compromise is nothing more than a “test” by the Obama Administration to see if religious folk “will buy into” accepting the federal health care takeover.

As proof of the government’s insincerity, Derryck notes that companies owned by people with strong religious convictions who oppose the mandate for reasons of their faith are “still out in the cold” when it comes to the mandate.  He suggests that continued and loud opposition to the mandate is necessary and could lead to a eventual capitulation by the Obama Administration.

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