Project 21’s Charles Butler Discusses CPAC Diversity

Project 21 member Charles Butler talks about conservative outreach to blacks and other minorities and the recent Conservative Political Action Conference on the 3/17/13 edition of “Washington Watch” on the TVOne network.

Commenting on the diversity that could be found at CPAC’s annual meeting of conservative activists, lawmakers and opinion leaders, Charles said: “This year, I’ve seen more blacks, more Asians and a lot of Hispanics… that have basically taken over the program” and have had a great influence on the conference’s agenda.

While other panelists got mired in partisan politics, Charles discussed more broadly how blacks should naturally be more conservative.  He told how he has been able to make blacks in his community gravitate more toward conservatism, despite the inherent anti-conservative bias of the media and false stereotypes perpetrated by liberals.  Charles explained: “We’re talking about morals, values [and] outlook.  And when we line this up… people said, ‘well, you know, I guess I’m conservative.’  Yes, you are a conservative!”

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