Center for American Progress Lie, Spin or Whackjob Exaggeration of the Day

FingersCrossedA032413WThe Center for American Progress and its various allied organizations commit so many lies, spins or exaggerations each day that it would take a department of analysts working diligently to correct them all.

Maybe some day someone will establish an “Accuracy Room” setup where scores of analysts correct the record (or maybe the Center for American Progress will get fact checkers), but in the meantime, in the interest of advising people to get a second, reliable source before believing any information provided by the various “Progress” organizations, we’re launching a new blog series, “Center for American Progress Lie, Spin or Whackjob Exaggeration of the Day.”

Our first entry comes from the March 22 edition of “The Progress Report,” published by the Center for American Progress Action Fund.

In it, its authors, identified only as “Think Progress War Room,” claim:

Sens. Fischer (R-NE), Cruz (R-TX), Johanns (R-NE), and Enzi (R-WY) introduced an amendment to put your boss in your bedroom by allowing them to deny you birth control coverage based on their beliefs, not yours.

The opposite is true:

1) The amendment would have removed bosses from bedrooms by eliminating the federal regulation requiring employers to pay part of each employee’s compensation in insurance covering birth control and early abortion services and supplies. For example, it would have blocked new federal restrictions prohibiting employers with a religion-based objection to contraception or abortion from compensating employees with cash, instead of insurance covering contraception and early abortion.

2) The amendment would have done nothing whatsoever to empower employers to stop their employees from acquiring birth control or abortion insurance coverage, drugs, devices, services or procedures.

So on the two claims, that the amendment would put bosses in bedrooms and permit bosses to deny you birth control coverage, the Center for American Progress is 0-2.

The amendment, which was offered to the Senate federal budget resolution on March 22, failed 44-55 on a mostly party-line vote. Most Republicans voted for it, and most Democrats, against. Senators Collins (ME), Kirk (IL), Manchin (WV), Murkowski (AK) and Pryor (AR) crossed their respective party lines. Both independents voted against.

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