Johnson and Johnson CEO Says Medical Device Tax Should Be “Reconsidered”

Justin Danhof of the National Center’s Free Enterprise Project questions Johnson and Johnson chairman and CEO Alex Gorsky about the company’s decision to drop its support of the American Legislation Exchange Council and to comment a National Center proposal to end the ObamaCare medical device tax and offset it by also ending wind power subsidies.  This exchange took place at the company’s 4/25/13 annual meeting of shareholders.

In response to Justin’s question, Gorsky said he made the decision to drop support of ALEC — an organization Johnson and Johnson worked with on business issues before ALEC was targeted by organized leftist groups as racist for its support of voter ID legislation — because ALEC was “no longer consistent” with Johnson and Johnson’s much-heralded credo.

On the medical device tax, Gorsky said that Johnson and Johnson was “working with other trade organizations” to improve ObamaCare, and about the tax that there are “definitely components of it that should be reconsidered” because the tax may stifle innovation and affect employment.

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