Project 21’s Green Calls Out Obama’s Apologists

P21DerryckGreenAn article in The Hill newspaper recently noted that black politicians are unwilling to call out Barack Obama for his failures as president because of the color of his skin and an apparent need for racial solidarity.

Project 21 member Derryck Green took this behavior to task in a New Visions commentary, “Identity Politics Won’t Fix Black Unemployment,” that was published on the Daily Caller web site.

As black unemployment remains high and black homeownership low — despite assurances of great change with Obama ran for president in 2008 (change that never happened or was much weaker than predicted), Derryck points out that the average black American actually was earning about $800 more annually (adjusted for inflation) during the same time in George W. Bush’s presidency.

Derryck writes:

So Obama’s blackness trumps his failure to get black people back to work?

To trivialize the economic plight of so many Americans is disrespectful and shameful. It’s worse when that same group idolizes Obama and wills itself to believe he is virtually infallible.

In assessing who’s the most responsible for this miscarriage of leadership, Derryck adds:

But the CBC has chosen to become a national embarrassment — not only to their constituents, but to Congress as a whole. And that’s saying something.

Black Americans who continue to support political charlatans are complicit in their own socio-economic asphyxiation.

To read all of Derryck’s commentary, click here.

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