Project 21’s Dr. George in Daily Caller about ObamaCare’s Power Grab

P21DrElainaGeorgeA new commentary by Project 21 member Dr. Elaina George is now posted on the web site of the Daily Caller.  In her New Visions essay, Dr. George talks about how ObamaCare is more about increasing government control than it is about protecting the health of the American public.

In “The Cost of ObamaCare’s Control,” Dr. George writes:

One thing they aren’t willing to say is that Obamacare isn’t really about health care — it’s really about centralized government control.

She adds:

Put simply — Obamacare is a corrupt scheme that has fooled too many Americans into entering a system limiting their health care choices, encroaching upon their freedom, robbing them of their hard-earned money, and destroying their privacy.

As an example of how far ObamaCare could reach into people’s lives and trigger what she considers extreme breaches of privacy and the unconstitutional infringement on basic rights, Dr. George reveals:

If someone was prescribed an antidepressant for something as benign as helping them stop smoking, for example, it could raise a flag and cause them to fail a background check for a gun permit.

But, in the grand scheme, Dr. George notes that ObamaCare is about putting more and more of America under the direct control and supervision of the government.  If the quality of health care is diminished as a result, it appears to be a problem that the Obama Administration doesn’t consider all that important.  For example:

Because of regulations, compliance costs and the rising cost of doing business — coupled with the dramatic drop in reimbursements — independent private physicians are largely being driven into retirement or into the arms of hospitals or large group practices increasingly part of large hospital systems.

A hospital’s cost structure is vastly different than that of a private physician, with overhead and a fiduciary responsibility to stockholders at the top of the list.  A patient’s cost doubles or triples in a hospital-owned practice as opposed to that of a private physician.

To read Dr. George’s column in full, please click here.

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